Queue management system


Our simplified queue management system, SIstemaSI® nexT 3.0, is the natural evolution of LED displays: we provide professional monitors that will allow you to combine a single queue leading to a counter and the presentation of multimedia content.

System configuration

Our system includes a monitor with a computer circuit board, a ticket dispenser and a radio control to call customers from the counter. It is possible, however, to replace the latter with a web interface you can use on any device (computer, tablet or smartphone) and connect to the monitor’s computer, even via Wi-Fi.

Operational advantages

SIstemaSI® nexT 3.0 makes it possible to manage several “queues” whose configuration, in turn, may include a number of ticket dispensers painted in different colours (you can use such colours when calling a customer’s number) and a number of remote controls: each one will possess a specific ID that will be shown upon call (e.g. “Counter 1”, “Meat Counter” or “Beauty and Make-up”).

Multimedia functions

If the system has a multimedia configuration, when you call a customer you will either see a series of pictures on the left side of the screen or just queue numbers. In both cases, you can set up a screensaver (16:9 full HD pictures and/or videos) that is automatically activated after an adjustable elapsed time without calls and is interrupted when the first call arrives.

Simplified access

TEOM’s system will allow you to create a web page for customers to connect to via smartphone and:

1) See the queue’s progress after receiving their paper ticket, so that they won’t have to wait by the entrance and can, if they wish to do so, go somewhere else while waiting for their turn;

2) Check booking availabilities within a given day and arrive just before their appointment’s time.


TEOM is a dynamic Italian company specialising in technological innovations in the field of queue management and multimedia automation.

Our licensed Customer Support Centres, distributed throughout the country, ensure widespread and effective assistance: in order to guarantee an ongoing service, we have designed different Support Packages covering any operational needs and specifications required by public and private companies.

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