Queue management systems


TEOM’s complete systems take your customer flow to the next level: reservations can be made via our touch-screen multimedia totems or online. You won’t need a remote control to call customers: all it takes is a digital device that will allow you to access our web interface, even via Wi-Fi.

Preparing the system


We prepare the queues to be managed and match them with totems that will be installed at the building’s access points, then we identify possible arrangements for call units and the waiting room monitors where customers will see the queue’s progress. After that, we select and set up the multimedia content your customers will see on screen and within dedicated sections on touch-screen displays and other totem terminals.

Remote booking


Your customers will be able to book their appointment and choose between one or more services: this will dramatically reduce the formation of long queues and crowds. Our system is designed to work as an interface with third-party software, thus making it possible to import bookings from external calendars.

Flow management


The customer chooses a service on the touch-screen totem or terminals and receives a ticket with a queue number and information regarding the service itself. He/she will also receive information relating to other services and see ads directly on the device. Indoor signs take the customer to the waiting room, possibly through coloured paths that match the colours used for the totem’s buttons or to show queue numbers on monitors.

Statistical reports and feedbacks


The admin will be able to check, both in real time or later, access data, how a service is requested depending on time slots and the more and less frequent paths used by customers. Real-time queue and waiting time monitoring makes it possible to organise the workflow when needed. A statistical analysis of the number of served customers and average waiting time will allow you to assess your organisation’s performance. Furthermore, our system also provides customer feedback surveys: these, too, are presented as a statistic.

About Teom S.r.l.

Technology of management

La TEOM S.r.l. è un’Azienda giovane e dinamica che si occupa di innovazioni tecnologiche nel campo della Gestione dei flussi di Utenti agli Sportelli/Servizi di Enti Pubblici e/o Uffici. Con la nostra tecnologia possiamo affiancare i Clienti, quali Aziende Sanitarie, Università, Banche ecc, nella risoluzione delle problematiche relative all’afflusso dell’Utenza ai propri Sportelli. A partire dalla sua fondazione nel 1994 la TEOM S.r.l. ha costantemente maturato e acquisito esperienza consolidando la propria professionalità nel settore. Le ormai numerosissime installazioni effettuate su tutto il territorio nazionale l’hanno resa un’Azienda leader nel suo ambito.



Get in touch with TEOM: an operator will contact you as soon as possible. Together we will find the ultimate solution to all your queue and service management needs.

Ever since its foundation in 1994, TEOM has acquired constantly increasing expertise and progressively strengthened its professional status and reputation. The impressive amount of queue management systems TEOM has installed in Italy over the years makes it a leading company in its field.