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We have installed thousands of TEOM systems throughout Italy and we have collaborated with public and private institutions.

Healthcare solutions

Medical centres
Health centres
Nursing homes

We reduce the customer’s waiting time dramatically, we prevent the formation of large crowds and we accompany the patient through his/her queuing process through multimedia information shown on digital monitors and displays, for tangible service quality and efficiency.

Public offices
& private institutions

Public offices
Private institutions
Police headqarters
ACI (Italian Automobile Club)
Service providers

Our technology combines touch-screen monitors and high-performance printers to provide the customer with thermal paper tickets. TEOM also produces optional devices such as health insurance card readers and barcode and QR code readers that will allow you to implement any features you may need.

Food service

Fast food restaurants
Take-away restaurants
Pastry shops

Whether you wish to add a digital list of ingredients to a numerical queue management system or install a system allowing your customers to order a take-away menu via touch-screen totem or app, we have just what you need.


Bread counters
Miscellaneous departments

The integration of touch-screen monitors showing each customer’s queue number for a given department, videowalls and queue management monitors results in more supervised and orderly access to supermarket counters. The statistics provided by our devices will allow you to design marketing strategies to improve your performance.


Service providers
Food stores
Jewelry stores
Clothing stores
Car dealerships

Our technology will allow your customers to access your store in a more orderly fashion, to easily book a service via smartphone (if you decide to implement this feature) and see your ads on a monitor every time they walk past your business. Your store will be more modern and captivating and you will be able to check access statistics and design new marketing strategies.


Interactive tours

A museum equipped with a touch-screen totem allowing for direct access to interactive information, multimedia content or the building’s map will increase service quality and make the visitor’s experience unique and unforgettable.

Front desk

Info points
Service booking
Ticket validation

Good reception is a universally acknowledged characteristic of the Italian people. TEOM’s multimedia solutions (e.g. our touch-screen totem) provide you with a completely automated service that helps you manage your customer flow in a more efficient and comprehensive, but less expensive, way.


Barcode reading
Management software integration
Iteam search

Being able to move quickly into your warehouse or to add and remove items within a fast digital system from any location will save you a lot of time and money. Discover how our solutions can bring radical change into your management performance.


TEOM is a dynamic Italian company specialising in technological innovations in the field of queue management and multimedia automation.

Our licensed Customer Support Centres, distributed throughout the country, ensure widespread and effective assistance: in order to guarantee an ongoing service, we have designed different Support Packages covering any operational needs and specifications required by public and private companies.

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Ever since its foundation in 1994, TEOM has acquired constantly increasing expertise and progressively strengthened its professional status and reputation. The impressive amount of queue management systems TEOM has installed in Italy over the years makes it a leading company in its field.