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Professional Advice

Our long experience in complex environments, both public and private, allows us to support our Customers, if requested, during the testing and rearrangement stages of their activity, so that they may acquire the basic notions allowing for efficient queue management.


The WebSI SistemaSI® uses a Database designed to be interfaced with different databases provided by the Customer. By using a Web Service or similar IT solutions, it is also possible to create an interface with third-party software applications.


TEOM S.r.l. manufactures all of its products directly and it is, therefore, able to create each Hardware or Software component in accordance with the Customer’s needs. Furthermore, each System can be updated over time on the basis of future technological innovations or new Customer requirements.

Customer Support & Warranty

The qualified team of TEOM S.r.l. ensures continuous remote support on the installed Systems. We pay particular attention to the choice and training of the people working in our Customer Support Centres and our authorised personnel receives training sessions on an ongoing basis, so as to guarantee professionalism and know-how both when our Products are installed and in case there are problems concerning System use or malfunctions.

What is more, TEOM S.r.l. constantly develops and optimises its projects by focusing on making support activities simple: our goal is achieved by manufacturing reliable and accessible components and providing comprehensive documentation, so that TEOM S.r.l. may always consider cooperating with other Companies already working for the Customer, with particular regard to the maintenance of devices technologically comparable to our Systems.

In order to guarantee service continuity, once the Warranty has expired, we offer customized Maintenance Contracts based on each Customer’s environment and needs. Our main goal is to work well so that YOU can work well.

Customer Support Centres